Champions for Philanthropy
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Professional athletes have an incredible platform to reach a wide audience in furthering worthy causes and can utilize their celebrity, resources and influence as means to better the world. At Champions for Philanthropy, we assist professional athletes in furthering their philanthropic pursuits. We accomplish this by establishing and/or managing their nonprofit organizations, as well as creating other charitable vehicles and providing direction and avenues to give back.



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Champions for Philanthropy provides research, presents ideas and initiatives, and helps athletes establish charitable organizations. We can also assist with management, marketing, strategic planning, legal infrastructure and compliance issues for the established foundation. We will work closely with the foundation and the athlete’s team to design, plan and execute programs and projects, as well as to develop strategic partnerships. 

At Champions for Philanthropy, we serve as philanthropy advisors to help professional athletes further their philanthropic pursuits. Some of our services include:

Establishing a 501(c)(3)

Strategic Planning

Compliance Management

Event Management

Human Resources

Legal InfrastructurE

Fiscal Sponsorship

Marketing Services



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